Why A Smaller Wedding Will Be The New “Go-To” Beyond 2020

Posted on August 26, 2020 | by Nicolette Roman

We’ve seen them all, massively extravagant weddings, courthouse matrimonies, and everything in between. When you count bridesmaids and groomsmen, guests, caterers, and on-site location employees, the numbers of individuals add up fairly quickly. And while this was the last of a couple’s worries in the past, times have undoubtedly changed, altering the concept of wedding planning as we know it.

The 2020 pandemic has placed an unanticipated strain on the wedding industry, causing thousands to postpone, or ultimately, cancel their big day. Limiting person-to-person contact has become essential and large group gatherings are now seen as risky and unnecessary.

So what does this mean for the future of weddings? The smaller, the better? With the ever-growing pattern of intimate weddings, here’s why a smaller wedding will be the new “go-to” beyond 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic.

The Smaller Venue

Photo of couple posed while looking at each other's faces and smiling on their wedding day. Daytime shot. Background is of the Isolé Villas home. Orlando, Florida.

Hosting your wedding in a smaller, more secure venue has had its perks from the start, but this concept has rapidly become more desirable. Smaller locations/venues require fewer employees and provide easier pre and post-cleaning, ensuring every inch of the venue is sanitized.

And with places like vacation rentals, for example, you’ll have enough room to host your guests which decreases the chance of coronavirus exposure.

An Isolé Villas Wedding Experience

We’re honored to host many weddings here at Isolé Villas. With our lower-capacity requirements that make our villa spacious enough for all guests, we believe it proves ideal for many venue hunters.

Woman (left) and man (right) smiling while cutting their wedding cake outside on the back patio of Isolé Villas while wearing their wedding attire. Reunion Resort. Orlando, Florida. Daytime shot.

Our premium event services and pristine Orlando, Florida, location make it a choice decision for locals and travelers alike. And for those who would like to keep the family together, our space provides plenty of bedrooms for a weekend-long wedding experience.

Easier Planning

a four-man band performing live music inside of Isolé Villas. Reunion Resort. Orlando, Florida.

When you’re planning a smaller wedding, the process becomes easier to tackle. You’re given the opportunity to plan the wedding yourself if need be without much-added stress. And even if you’re still on the lookout for a wedding planner, your overall bill will be less costly.

Daytime shot of grand dining table set for a wedding inside of Isolé Villas at Reunion Resort. Orlando, Florida.

And as odd as it may sound, a smaller wedding does allow you to go big! Smaller planning means more cash to celebrate with luxury through extravagant meals, your ideal flower arrangement, and, most importantly, the perfect wedding dress.

Money Well-Saved (and Well-Spent)

With the world consistently taking unexpected turns lately, saving your money has become an overwhelming help to thousands. Spending outlandish amounts on a single wedding in order to have 150+ guests is not as easy as it once was, and unfortunately, not as safe.

Taking the time to narrow down your guest list to those that are closest to you provides less risk, less money spent, and increasingly personable experiences.

And with the honeymoon just ahead, you’ll want to have the opportunity to live it to the fullest. Saving during your wedding goes hand-in-hand with this romantic getaway. So whether you’re staying in town or venturing off to new sights, you’ll have saved enough to explore more and worry less.

Whether you’re planning to wait or you’re ready to plan, see if your special day will benefit from being an intimate wedding ceremony. And if you’re on the hunt for your dream Florida venue, browse what we have to offer or inquire about your special day

Couple (woman, left and man, right) looking at one another smiling as they dance in their wedding attire after getting married. Daytime shot. Inside of living area in Isolé Villas. Reunion Resort. Orlando, Florida.

And remember, “If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly”. 

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